Waterproof Nitrile Gloves

This is our waterproof product ! Our " waterproof gloves " are BLACKMAMBA waterproof gloves coated with high technology stretch nitrile. A nitrile combination system, without latex, allowing a good grip and a great dexterity in wet environment even without lighting, without accessories, the touch is exceptional for a meticulous work.

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Ultra comfortable stretch nylon waterproof glove coated with nitrile on fingers and palm, offering excellent oil repellency. Real nitrile : An exceptional and unmatched comfort for the user, our...

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A product without uncompromising manufactured from materials of the highest quality to offer you excellent performances in extreme environments. Our product is available in size L and XL. These reusable gloves are an excellent choice for handling and protecting sensitive equipment and tools. The perfect blend of hydrophobic and abrasion resistant materials provides strong, durable protection in wet, cold environments, while ensuring near 100% performance and comfortable hand fit for users working long hours in wet conditions.

The technical features of this BLACKMAMBA Genuine Nitrile waterproof glove: A reusable glove with exceptional and unmatched ease of use for the user especially during long term diving. Our gloves offer an excellent grip in tight environments. The ergonomic lining hugs the hand, so the glove molds naturally to reduce fatigue during use. Exceptional levels of comfort and hand fit for better user acceptance in wet environments. Pair of nitrile-coated gloves for comfort and high protection in waterproof environments. 

Do you work around water or do you garden? Do you spend long hours outdoors in wet conditions? These durable, breathable nitrile-coated gloves are the perfect choice for an ultra-comfortable grip. The gloves fit snugly in the hand, with no accessories so the glove molds naturally to reduce fatigue during use. Nitrile coating on the fingertips provides excellent oil repellency, so your palms stay clean. Pair of nitrile coated gloves for comfort and high protection in waterproof environments. 

This BLACKMAMBA waterproof glove is recognized in the quality protective glove manufacturing community, setting new standards for quality and certification. Our mission is to combine maximum safety performance with optimum comfort through the production of high precision, innovative and affordable tools. The fusion of innovative design and manufacturing techniques has made the BLACKMAMBA protective glove an industry leader in high quality. No need for lighting or masks when using it, the exceptional feel of this glove is enough.  

BLACKMAMBA waterproof gloves offer an exceptional level of protection and fit that is unmatched by other brands. With genuine nitrile coating on the fingers and palm for excellent oil repellency, you can use these gloves anywhere with confidence. The ergonomic liner conforms to the hand, so the glove literally molds to the natural shape of your hand which helps reduce fatigue during long hours on the job! While other gloves wear out in a single season of rough handling, our products are built to last.

Our BLACKMAMBA brand offers you a durable product that is easy to handle in extreme environments.  A combination of comfort, safety and resistance. Thin and strong, the waterproof, reusable, ultra flexible and very strong mechanics gloves allow you to work in mechanics (motorcycle, car, bike, scooter, precision mechanics, etc.) with great comfort and perfect control. They are coated with sandblasted nitrile that is very attractive on the fingers and palm. In addition, a thin layer of 100% waterproof nitrile makes them impermeable to liquids and especially to petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, new or used oil, brake fluid, additives, thinners, etc.) over the entire hand.

A pair of fine technical gloves in comfortable ulta nylon knit, designed in double layer of nitrile with grip + nitrile waterproof on the whole hand. Price and size L and XL in stock, shopping to see currently on our website. Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote for any particular request via the website. BLACKMAMBA assures you a quality-price ratio and a protection which will suit you.

over the entire hand, non-slip even in contact with oils and greases, excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing, perfect resistance to oils, greases, gasoline, diesel, etc. (unlike latex or polyurethane), an anatomical shape giving a second skin effect, excellent fit and seamless for better comfort and less tearing Simply waterproof products. This is our waterproof product BLACKMAMBA gloves !

Our BLACKMAMBA waterproof gloves are a pair of gloves for men and women, sold without accessories, perfect for diving. Available in size L and XL, no trace of latex for allergy sufferers and very resistant. A glove therefore resistant for a great performance in cold and wet environments. They offer excellent protection in the water, thanks to their interior composition in Gore tex which is treated in a patented BLACKMAMBA process. They are a combination of technologies. These gloves are also very light. They have been designed with three fingers and a palm with a nitrile coating, which allows air to circulate between all fabrics. The closure system means you'll have no problem taking them off or putting them on quickly.

These BLACKMAMBA waterproof gloves are ideal for work and play in wet weather. Made of waterproof Gore-Tex fabric, they offer a very high level of comfort and protection from the elements. The combination of technologies used to manufacture this glove guarantees total waterproofing and optimal cold resistance. 

No comparison possible for this unique high-tech glove from BLACKMAMBA compared to other brands. For your shopping and see price, size, availability, performance, resistance, use, stock, quote, ref and delivery, go to our website BLACKMAMBA for a delivery in 24-48H.

BLACKMAMBA is the brand of nitrile gloves including the waterproof model that you can find on the market. Our products are manufactured by high quality technologies and go through repeated tests by some of our international laboratories to counteract external phenomena such as water, heat and extreme cold. We offer several different sizes so that you can find the right model for you.

In addition to your masks or other accessories, you have our waterproof gloves, a waterproof product, for a total performance during your work in wet environment.  

For any request for quotation, send your message on the BLACKMAMBA gloves shop.