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Our BLACKMAMBA line of high performance reusable gloves designed for processionals. Improve your efficiency and productivity with our high quality BLACKMAMBA protective gloves. Our entire line of reusable protective gloves is filled with nitrile for comfort and elasticity for unmatched dexterity on a glove. Your hands are your most important tool, that's why it's so important to protect them.

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Ultra comfortable stretch nylon waterproof glove coated with nitrile on fingers and palm, offering excellent oil repellency. Real nitrile : An exceptional and unmatched comfort for the user, our...

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Made of polyester with rubber protection on the fingers and back. The palm of the hand is made of synthetic leather, held in place by a comfortable soft velcro in the hand. A protective glove...

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Composition : Leather with white goat grain palm with tabs. A polyurethane nylon top, American fit with return on the index finger and a black cotton jersey back with elastic on the top of the...

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Polyurethane coating at the palm : maximum tactile sensitivity in the fingers area finesse sensations.Excellent fit in the hand and performance: high productivity. Ultra-fresh coating stretch...

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True Nitrile Foam: Wicks oil away from the surface of the glove for a secure hold in light oil. Exceptional and unparalleled comfort, excellent grip in dry conditions. Ergonomic lining that adapts...

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ANSI 5 resistance level: Reduces the risk of injury and associated costs. Provides confidence in handling sharp objects and blades in dry or light oil environments. The new coating composition...

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We offer a full range of protective gloves categorized by category, to fortify your hands against all types of hazards encountered on the job. When you're working in extreme conditions, cold, heat, our BLACKMAMBA reusable gloves give you the confidence to tackle any task. Our range of nitrile waterproof gloves are ideal for harsh, extreme, cold and wet environments, while our premium protective gloves are made from a blend of nitrile on the palm, leather and cotton to protect against the sharpest objects in your various jobs.

In order to best equip yourself for your job, you must first identify the risks involved and take into account several criteria such as the dexterity required and the environment in which the tasks are performed. There are professional gloves dedicated to cold and wet environments as well as models for dry environments. Protective gloves are made of different materials and have coatings that make it easier to grip objects. Work gloves, like safety shoes, are governed by specific standards that indicate their level of resistance. The EN 420 standard determines the basic requirements of a work glove. Additional standards are attached to this standard for specific protection. Work gloves are a protection against mechanical risks (abrasion, cuts, punctures, tears) meet the EN 388 standard. To protect your hands from dangerous chemicals, it is advisable to wear protective gloves that meet the EN 374 standard. It is also possible to equip yourself with heat-resistant work gloves.

To meet your needs, our brand BLACKMAMBA offers a selection of protective gloves that meet the standards in force. The work gloves available have been chosen for their reliability and comfort. We offer handling gloves, high protection work gloves, anti-cutting gloves as well as nitrile and waterproof handling gloves. For professionals in the restaurant and food industry, disposable nitrile work gloves are also available on our website. A high percentage of work accidents are related to hand injuries. Used daily, they are exposed to many dangers. By equipping yourself with PPE adapted to your profession, you increase your comfort and protection.