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An ultra-cool stretch nylon glove for flexibility, dexterity, sensitivity and handling. Original nylon and polyurethane protective gloves incorporating advanced technologies in a perfectly balanced design. High level of performance and grip in dry conditions. Original BLACKMAMBA nylon and polyurethane gloves incorporate advanced technologies in a perfectly balanced design. For a high level of performance and grip in dry conditions. 

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Polyurethane coating at the palm : maximum tactile sensitivity in the fingers area finesse sensations.Excellent fit in the hand and performance: high productivity. Ultra-fresh coating stretch...

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These gloves remain protective gloves with a durable and breathable nitrile foam coating. Stretch nylon coating to fit the hand. Improved tactile sensitivity and cut and puncture resistance. Five times the tear resistance of conventional butyl gloves. Welding and small parts handling, tool handling, manual material handling and light assembly operations.

These BLACKMAMBA protective gloves will keep your hands comfortable with a thin but durable nitrile coating that provides good grip and exceptional comfort in dry conditions. The glove remains flexible for easy use, and its fibers allow for efficient heat transfer away from your hand. The special design keeps your fingers naturally flexible and sensitive, allowing you to perform delicate operations as if you were using your bare hands. These all-purpose nitrile gloves are designed for general handling tasks. Lightly textured with a fabric cuff and available in two sizes, they offer exceptional comfort and grip in dry conditions. 

The protective nylon and polyurethane glove is coated for improved grip, dexterity and performance. The coating includes nitrile foam and nylon fabric, selected for their high level of sensitivity and dexterity. These gloves will reduce hand fatigue during prolonged use in dry work environments. The development of the polyurethane glove series has revolutionized the world of hand protection. There are now nitrile foam gloves that offer the same versatility and dexterity as polyurethane gloves. This product is made from two types of materials and because of its flexibility, it is easier to put on than other nitrile gloves. This style provides an excellent grip in dry conditions, which is precisely why they are often used on point-of-sale terminals - when a firm grip is needed but you want to keep the user's hands dry.

These nylon, not leather, protective gloves with a nitrile coating are recommended for working, attenuating, pushing and handling products with a high level of precision and safety. They are made of premium materials: the palm of the hand in nylon/polyurethane coated with silicone, 3M quality badge and multi-layer structure offers excellent breathability and comfort. The fabric gives you better grip and flexibility while maintaining the original dexterity. With an ergonomic design, they are ideal for use in warehouses, factories, engineering (electronics) workshops, DIY and crafts etc. Nylon: The nylon and polyurethane glove is black and not white and provides good abrasion resistance but is not effective in protecting against heat. 

Polyurethane: Ideal material for a good grip on the palm of the hand and good dexterity in dry conditions. This thin material resists abrasion, however, it is not effective in wet, greasy or oily environments. Products sold in pairs. Our gloves are available in size L and XL in order to best meet the needs of our users who mainly use size L and XL. A glove with a black nitrile coating or nitrile coating for better protection and dexterity. Perfect for handling, a light nylon and polyurethane seam, no cotton, no picot like our disposable nitrile range, in a unique black color, this product is made to protect you during your work. There is no latex for people with allergies. A latex replaced by nitrile offering a better resistance and safety. A pair with a seam without cotton but in nylon and a polyurethane material for a better elasticity. 

Finally a range that resists light cuts, designed for the PPE professional who needs tools and specific items. One range, one category, Accessories that allow you to combine them with your outfit for optimal safety during handling. A perfect combination for a great protection and a comfort during its use. Product available and in stock in size L and XL, delivery within 24-48H via our website. An essential support for your work and for your protection. Our range of protective gloves is completed by this model made of nitrile and nylon/polyurethane for a great resistance. Sold in pairs, they are cut resistant, soft, light and elastic for a better dexterity. The black color due to nitrile allows you to complete your PPE outfit. Items that you will find at the tool level at our BLACKMAMBA dealers. They sold by batch of 2 gloves is a pair of protection.