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BLACKMAMBA leather and cotton gloves are work gloves designed to last the day and maintain comfort and safety. The first layer is made of natural white goat leather with tabs, while the second layer consists of a polyurethane nylon top, to ensure comfort over a long period of use. They are fastened with a good black cotton jersey back with elastic loops on the top of the hand. Our Black Mamba gloves feature a polyurethane top with a black cotton jersey back, elastic on the top of the hand and tabs.

The BLACKMAMBA is a pair of heavy duty protective gloves suitable for handling automotive parts in warehouses, workshops and garages. They are made of leather and have excellent abrasion resistance on the palm and fingers. This glove offers good protection while providing dexterity and flexibility when working with the hands.

These gloves are made of both leather and nylon, a material whose excellent mechanical properties, combined with its elasticity, make these gloves light, comfortable and easy to put on. For most applications that involve the handling of raw materials or products, it is essential to have gloves on your hands. Whether used to protect against sharp objects or chemicals, these items must meet certain requirements.

BLACKMAMBA is a brand that offers a complete range of high quality protective gloves that meet the European standard. This protective glove is made of synthetic/cotton leather and not full grain cowhide or goat leather. Our BLACKMAMBA product is suitable for all workers who need a strong pair of gloves. The BLACKMAMBA gloves are made of synthetic leather and cotton, high quality materials that allow the wearer a good contact with his tools, while offering optimal safety. Essential accessories for your safety. Our soft and durable BLACKMAMBA Leather and Cotton Protective Glove combines the comfort of a synthetic leather palm with plastic mesh and a traditional goat leather palm. The tabs on the fingers provide additional abrasion resistance.

This BLACKMAMBA leather work glove was designed to provide a high level of protection combined with optimal handling. It is made of leather with a natural white goat grain palm with tabs. These gloves are used by employees in warehouses, stores, workshops, docks, communities, automotive etc. The BLACKMAMBA protective glove offers protection adapted to the risks involved while allowing sufficient agility for the wearer and above all, without putting him/her at additional risk. A good pair of protective gloves is therefore a compromise between its level of protection and the dexterity it provides. In Europe, protective gloves are subject to standards that certify a certain quality but also the level of performance according to the risks incurred.

Cotton: They have the advantage of being flexible and comfortable. Cotton gloves also offer good dexterity and are especially economical. However, they have a low mechanical resistance.

Synthetic leather: These gloves offer excellent mechanical resistance as well as resistance to heat and cold. Leather is a relatively soft, flexible and breathable material. 

A perfect combination for a total safety at work and a comfort, a significant and pleasant elasticity during your activity.

Our leather work gloves are available in size L and XL. Only two sizes because they are the most used by our different users. They are mainly used for handling. A product currently available for delivery within 24-48H via our website. They are in stock and sold in pairs. A product that complements your safety clothing and footwear. Our gloves are made of synthetic leather and not crust leather for better resistance. Our pair of gloves has a variable price and it is not free. For any estimate, do not hesitate to pass via our Internet site so that we can answer your requests as well as possible. A perfect accessory to avoid small cuts and essentially protects you during your work. It is a leather work glove and not an anti-cut glove that you can find in our current range. This type of glove made of white and black synthetic leather resists perfectly to abrasion and meets the European standard.

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Composition : Leather with white goat grain palm with tabs. A polyurethane nylon top, American fit with return on the index finger and a black cotton jersey back with elastic on the top of the...

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