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The BLACKMAMBA shoe cover box is a product composed of 25 pairs of disposable shoe covers, in black color. They are disposable shoe covers, with an elastic band and easy to use. Our shoe covers are only available in black and in one size. Currently available and in stock on our website. Delivery within 24-48H.

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Shoe covers : The BLACKMAMBA shoe covers box is made up of 25 pairs of black shoe covers. This is disposable shoe cover, fitted with an elastic band and easy to use. No left/right difference for...

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Our BLACKMAMBA disposable shoe covers are designed with a disposable, non-reusable protective material to cover your work shoes. Mainly used in various sectors, it is the guarantee above all of safety at work. An essential product to keep a clean place safe. They are not waterproof and cannot be reused.

No difference left/right for its use. Protection against dust, dirt, paint and any other dirt. The shoe cover allows you to simply protect your customers' floors. "The customer is always right "We know that shoe covers are important to you, and we want to offer them at an affordable price. According to our customer reviews, these are overshoes that do the job. An ambidextrous shoe cover for men and women, available only in black and not white or other, not washable and sold not by pair but by box of 25 pairs. 

The shoe covers are more or less water resistant, the disposable shoe cover is useful, in black, at an attractive and economical price. Made of plastic, this single-use protective material has an elastic band that tightens to ensure a good fit and does not mark at the waist. Ambidextrous pieces, no left and right, a product that is suitable for both men and women and currently in stock on our site BLACKMAMBA.

Finally the BLACKMAMBA shoe cover box is composed of 25 pairs of black shoe covers for single use. No left/right difference, elastic and easy to use. Protects from dust, dirt, paint and other soiling. It allows you to simply protect your customers' floors.

Positive customer reviews for a simple and effective product. For use in summer and winter, the shoe covers are standard pieces that are suitable for all types of activity. Shoe covers available in its black BLACMAMBA box and without particular accessories. 

The protective sock is made from a very elastic material, allowing it to adhere perfectly to the foot. The sock is equipped with a plastic outer membrane that protects the shoe from the weather. The models of protective socks are suitable for all circumstances and are covered with snow, mud or dust to stay dry in all circumstances, waterproof- windproof- warm- light.

The foot protection socks are perfect to be worn while lifting your shoes. They are designed to provide finger and toe protection, with the added security of ankle coverage to prevent snow splashes from getting over your regular shoe. Check out our natural cotton foot protection socks: they're the perfect product for your colder days, but they can also be worn during the summer season if you need an extra layer of insulation.

In short, an affordable, not-for-free box to protect your feet and toes from getting dirty on your customers. Ambidextrous, non-reusable, disposable pieces sold in pairs, black color only, one size for use by any professional. The box of shoe covers or overshoes is available on our site, the price and customer reviews are also displayed for a better product search.

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